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  • What are the recommended lengths for a layered look?
    For longer lengths and a layered look, purchase hair in 2-4 inch difference in length. (ex. 18, 14, 10 OR 18, 16, 14).
  • What is the recommended hair product and length for a bob?
    The suggested brands of store bought hair to use for a bob are: Indi Remi by Bobbi Boss, Milky Way Saga, or Goddess (red & gold packaging). Two 10-inch packages of hair should be used to complete the style. NOTE: You DO NOT have to purchase the particular brand or length recommended above. These are just brands and lengths that I personally suggest to achieve the best results.
  • How much virgin hair should I purchase for a full weave?
    When attempting a full weave, please be prepared to purchase at least three (3) bundles of Virgin Hair. The amount of hair needed will depend on the look you would like to achieve. For more volume, 4 bundles of Virgin Hair is recommended.
  • How soon will I be able to look up shipping action?
    All tracking information can be found at Your tracking number and all necessary information will be sent to your email. Tracking activity will be available 24 hours after receiving the email. If you do not receive an email including your tracking number and explaining the tracking process, please call and/or text 501-398-4441 for customer service.
  • Can I make changes to an order I already placed?
    Unfortunately, confirmed orders cannot be changed or altered in any way.
  • What is the deposit refund policy?
    You are allowed one time to reschedule your appointment and it must be kept or the deposit is forfeited. Clients must reschedule the appointment 7 days prior to the original appointment date. Exceptions will only occur when rescheduling at the request of the owner.
  • How Long Will Black Label Virgin Hair Last?
    The longevity of Black Label Virgin Hair depends on how well the hair is maintained. The hair will last over 1 year if properly installed and upheld.
  • What is the return policy on Cliché Virgin Hair extensions?
    Since all hair extensions are inspected thoroughly before being shipped, Hair and Wig Units cannot be returned nor exchanged.
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